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The Topdown Charts Substack subscription service provides entry-level access to some of the exclusive work and insights from our highly esteemed institutional investment research service.

Basically you get a flow of the same high quality insights, but at a more accessible price, and at a level of detail that doesn’t leave you struggling to keep up.

What you get:

  • Weekly Insights Report

  • Monthly Asset Allocation Review

  • Full access to the report archives

  • Ability to post comments/questions

Key Benefits:

  • Get alert to emerging risks + interesting opportunities

  • Stay informed on meaningful macro themes/trends

  • Access exclusive charts with a clear “so what?“

It’s like having an investment strategist in your corner, helping you keep on top of macro and markets; pointing out critical risks and opportunities.

The past couple of years have shown the value of a service like this.

Life is busy, and you don’t want to miss something lurking just off your radar.

Our Goal: our goal is to bring you interesting ideas, risk management input, and keep you informed on the big picture themes that will almost certainly impact your portfolios one way or another. Basically we try to make your investment life easier.


The Weekly Insights service is $30/month or $295/year

Or for $850/year [select “Add Quarterly Report“ option] you can also receive the Quarterly Strategy Pack and join the quarterly webinar and Q&A session.

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